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Article Date: 03/05/11
Green Home Improvement Grants For Energy Efficient Homes
The present global scenario has undergone many changes due to the energy crisis which has

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affected most of the nations in the world. Energy efficient houses and Green houses have become the trend of today. The Government too is particular about such houses as energy is turning out to be a serious problem. The newly built houses are given a walk-through before keys are handed over to inspect if all the norms related to saving of energy has been followed in the construction of the house.

People are not fully aware of the energy crisis and its impact on the earth and are very careless in handling energy. So, now the Government is giving Grants to the people who build Green homes so as to encourage all to do the same. Awareness is created in this way. Though we are surrounded by energy, we are not aware of it and tapping that solar energy is what should be given primary importance.

The Government is providing many types of Grants to the home builders, industries and so on to build Green Homes. The Grants are available at the National, State and Local level. There are many websites that provide complete information about the Government grants for Green houses. About 3.2 million dollars were given to the states as well as cities and also counties to help the building of energy efficient homes. An average qualifying home got an amount of $6500 for home improvement.

The houses already constructed were encouraged to make modifications in the house to save energy. For this also Grants are given. Other programs like Grants for financial and educational resources for those who desire to make their homes also Green Homes has been released by the Government. Neighborhood Development Projects are taken over by the U.S. Green Building Council and the Bank of America to encourage building Green Houses.

In spite of all this help extended, many are hesitant to be involved in these projects because of the low income and building a Green house is not cheap. But for the Bank of America this is an investment and so they encourage it more. This project will save a lot of energy which will be visible in the long run. An affordable Green Neighborhoods grant has a group of projects for this program.

The various Grants offered are of course accepted but not availed as their preferences have undergone drastic changes as they are struggling for survival now. The recession has affected their attitudes as they are fighting for survival and keeping up with their day to day wants are more important than their needs. But once this situation betters, the people will be more interested in constructing Green houses and the Government Grants that are available.

The U.S. Green Building Council has its website from where all information regarding some of the awards and benefits can be had and applications can be submitted after thoroughly going through the process. Remember the Grants are not only for building new houses but also for modification of old houses.

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