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Business Grants

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Business grants are one of the main components of government grants. Their purpose is to help companies prosper and therefore stimulate local economy. Many different business grants exits for every line of work. These great grants will boost your company for free as it does not have to be paid back.

Business Grants

Small Business Grants

If you have been considering starting your own company, then you know about the basics. This means that you know you have to have an idea for a product or service that you are going to sell. You also need to have some kind of plan that elaborates on marketing strategies and potential markets and customer base. These needs can all be attained through thinking and research. It's hard work, but the results are in your hands. When it comes to making your firm a real thing, you are going to run into trouble because you need money. Even if you have been saving money, you are going to find that at first it is never enough. You always need more money. This is why there are investors. Unfortunately, in this economic climate it's not too easy to find investors. People are holding onto their money, and who can blame them? This is why you need to consider business grants.

If you have not considered applying for these opportunities, then you first have to ask yourself why. What has been stopping you? You may think that the government would never award money to a small company owner. What you must keep in mind, however, is that these awards are supposed to help society. Helping society is about more than just starting charities and community organizations. Small firms are great for the economy, which means that they are great for society. Your company may be part of the future of this country.

Who gets these awards? People who apply for the free government money and show that they have a plan and will use the money wisely are awarded the money. If you want to be one of these people, you have to start with a little research. You may think that you are going to be searching for a needle in a haystack, but you should know that there is a website that is designed to help you. It will provide you with links and provide you with the basic information you need.

If you are ready to get your venture off the ground, you need to start researching business grants today. The worst that can happen is that you will be denied and you can try again. There is no penalty. The only penalty is when the grants are available and you don't try to get them for your own needs.

Now that we understand how these programs work let's try to list some of the most famous awards in the category.

Growth Grants
Growth business grants target small family owned companies in United States. It is this type of companies who do most of the hiring during recessions. That is why federal government provides them with many different business grants where money is given away for companies to expend the firm, renovate their locations, hire employees, buy machinery, and more.

Startup Grants
If you find yourself in a position where you want to open up a new company, but lack of funds is stopping you from doing so. Research business grants from the federal and state organizations. Government grants dedicated to opening up new companies exits. Right now lot's of pressure is put on those organizations to deliver free money to those who are willing to start a company.

Acquisition Grants
Companies who are looking to acquire other companies are most likely to eligible for some kind of federal assistance. Government grants are allocated with a believe growing companies will continue to grow and hire more employees in the long term.

Foundation Awards
These awards are basically free money given from one foundation to the other. They are know for being either public or private. Organizations like charity trusts, non profit companies, families, corporations, and others donate money to other non profit entities. These non profit entities in exchange for the free money will perform some kind of work for the organization that sponsored the project. Most of the work is related to education, research, medical research, culture, science, health, and others. For there foundation business grants a grant application must be submitted along with the proposal. Grand writers prepare the paperwork. The company submits the application and awaits the answer. Approved applicants receive the money and perform the work.

Non Profit Grants
Due to lack of economic activities the federal government decided to open up non profit opportunities to individuals. For example: women who want to open up their on businesses can qualify for business grants. More awards created more opportunities that was not there before.

Small Business Grants
100 million of dollars was allocated to the federal programs which help small companies. The government boosts small firms finally in order to stimulate local economies, especially those firms in rural areas where minorities are the employees of the company.

As you can see above there are business grants for where ever you are on the growth path of your company. If you are just starting out you may receive free help by using the startup awards. For more mature companies acquisition awards allow to expend the business for free. In your company want to grow and expend there are growth business grants for this typo of investment. Firms with high potential can capitalize the opportunities by receiving growth dedicated money. Non for profit organization can take advantage of the non profit grants designed for organizations which help the federal government complete many different projects. Smaller companies have dedicated programs for them and money is allocated in the small business grants. Last, but not least there are organizations who made applying for grants and performing grant related work a business model. These organizations can take full advantage of foundation awards where money is awarded between organizations and work is performed for that award.

With free federal funds companies can concentrate on efficiency and expansion. This helps the economy and boosts overall productivity. As an owner you can not complain there is not enough money to operate. Those few opportunities we have listed above show there is capital for every type of business. Better yet, this free capital does not have to be reimbursed. Only the foundation programs require companies to perform work, but those companies make a living by receiving grants in exchange for grant projects.

Business grants just like other federal programs have eligibility rules and conditions. Company owners should analyze their company profile from the business grants eligibility point of view. The analysis should concentrate on things like location, ethnicity of the hired personnel, gender, and related. Is the business located in a rural area with poor economic activity, or it is located in a local economy that is already overcrowded with shops and services? Are company employees from a specific ethnicity? Are they Native Americans? Are they mostly women? Answers to all these questions will map out your eligibility. Remember it is easier to receive financial assistance if you are located in a rural area and your employees are minorities. Minorities is a broad word, so make sure you double check who a minority is for business grants before you assume incorrect. Very often even the minorities them self do not know they are part of the group. Performing this kind of discovery can make you aware there are free funds for you one application away.

Free money for your firm exists, but remember there is something for something. Your application must make grant sense and your eligibility must be documented.

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